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Apply for funding

If you are interested in submitting a funding proposal please go to and click on 'Directly to submit an application'. Here you will find all the information you need about applying for a grant. You can also contact the DOEN International Culture team directly. Just send an e-mail with your questions to .

You can find more detailed information about our international culture programme on this page.

In 2009/2010 DOEN organized an extensive evaluation of its international culture programme. This evaluation was led by Argentinean artist Claudia Fontes. She developed a theory for the cycle of cultural development, see the picture at the bottom of the page, which is used by DOEN as a framework for judging specific proposals in each context. Another result of the evaluation are the four country profiles you can see on this page. These provide specific information about the context in Kenya, Uganda, Mali and Senegal and are also used as a framework for judging proposals.

Assessment of proposals from West, East en North-Africa, and of related networks/activities is based on the urgency and the added value of a project within its (cultural) context. In this framework we finance both short term projects and long-term organizations or programs, with a focus on so-called ‘frontrunners’. DOEN is receptive to applications that go beyond these regions if they have a clear link with the portfolio financed by DOEN.

DOEN is also one of the initiators of Arts Collaboratory programme, a cooperation between DOEN and Hivos. Arts Collaboratory focuses on visual artists initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin-America and the exchange between them. Specific criteria and the application procedure can be found on