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Monitoring Procedure & Methodology

In 2009/2010 DOEN organized an extensive evaluation of its international culture programme in order to inform its future policy (you can find the full report at the bottom of this page). The evaluation was coordinated by Claudia Fontes and used the Most Significant Change methodology ( developed by Rick Davies and Jess Dart. This methodology is based on the collection of stories about the Most Significant Change caused by the activities to be evaluated, and the subsequent categorization of these stories into domains of change.

Resulting from this evaluation DOEN has decided to develop a monitoring system of the projects it finances and its entire program based on the collection of Most Significant Change stories. Collecting stories is therefore one of the key reporting requests to organizations we finance. Stories are both collected in personal interviews, during meetings and through internet and are published on this website.

In some countries DOEN organizes yearly meetings to evaluate with its partners the stories collected and with that the progress made towards the development of common objectives. On this website you can find country profiles of Mali, Senegal, Uganda and Kenya, that resulted from the first rounds of discussions in 2010.