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Make a profile

Join the network

Go to 'Sign up' in the menu at the top of the page and fill out the form. It will ask you a series of simple questions like your name, email address and language preference. After submitting the form you will automatically receive an e-mail letting you know that you have registered for the site. It will contain a link to your newly created profile.

On your profile, you can click on 'Edit this page' at the top, or use the completeness tool tip on the side of the page to add information about yourself and make your profile more catchy for other users. For instance, you may write an introduction about who you are and what you do, or add a photograph and contact information and choose keywords that describe you.

Once your profile is created you can make contact with the other users on the website.

Setting visibility profile

If you prefer being an invisible member of our website, you can indicate so on your profile page. Click 'Edit' and go to 'Visible to:' in the top menu bar. Now you can choose who are allowed to see your page and who can leave comments. Click 'OK' and 'Save page' once you've made up your mind.

It's also possible to specify the visibility status of the contact information on your profile. Click on Edit this page and then on the different 'visible for' buttons in the contact information-field.

NOTE: You yourself can see everything on your own page. Only once you log out you see your page the way the rest of the community sees it.

Setting other visibility permissions

Log in and go to Preferences in the green menu bar. You will now see 'Trust settings'. Here you can adjust a few basic settings concerning the visibility of your contributions (for everyone, members of the site, friends, etc), but also who you allow to add comments or keywords etc. If you adjust these main settings they will affect all the contributions you make from now on. Previous made contributions need to be adjusted one by one.