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Our monitoring system is based on the collection, analysis and discussions around stories that describe most significant changes in the lives of people, triggered by cultural activities organized by our partners. These changes can be both positive or negative. We collect stories in personal interviews, during meetings and through internet, and then share them on this website. Different groups of stakeholders, both local and from DOEN staff, meet to analyze their significance from time to time, following a methodology that is called the Most Significant Change technique. This way of monitoring provides us with very rich information on the particular natural, cultural and institutional contexts these stories are told from. This knowledge helps us to make sense of the impact that our support has in your context, improve our assessment of the projects you submit, and to better understand the obstacles you deal with and how our support can be improved in the future. If you want to upload your own story, you might find these guidelines useful. If you prefer to get inspired about stories of change influenced by our partners’ activities, feel free to browse stories in our archive.